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The Majestic Cochin: A Fluffy Feathered Delight

CGI of a cochin chicken
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The Cochin chicken, a breed that originated from China, is a magnificent sight in any poultry collection. This sizeable domestic chicken breed, also known as Gallus gallus domesticus, is not just about size but beauty and temperament.

Origin and History

The journey of the Cochin chicken began in the 1840s and 1850s when these giant, feather-legged chickens were brought from China to Europe and North America. Initially known as Cochin-China, they quickly gained popularity, primarily for exhibition purposes​​.

Physical Characteristics

Its impressive size sets the Cochin apart, with roosters weighing up to 12 pounds and hens weighing up to 10 pounds. This breed is known for its fluffy, feathered feet and comes in various colors, adding to its ornamental value. However, their large size makes them poor flyers, necessitating a safe space from predators​​.


One of the most endearing qualities of the Cochin chicken is its temperament. These birds are known for their calm and friendly personalities, making them excellent pets. They are often described as fluffy chickens with a unique feathering pattern that appeals to backyard farmers, hobbyists, and poultry show enthusiasts​​.

Egg Laying and Utility

While the Cochin is primarily reared for exhibition, it also has a place in egg production. These birds start producing eggs around five months old, which are pale brown and medium to medium-large. It's important to note that their laying can be a bit unpredictable​​. While not the best meat birds, hens can lay a decent amount of large eggs, up to 150 per year​​.

With its unique combination of size, beauty, and temperament, the Cochin chicken continues to be a favorite among chicken enthusiasts, earning its place as a truly majestic breed.


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